MAE 517
Advanced Precision Manufacturing for Products, Systems and Processes
Section: 651

Course Description

This is a graduate level course designed for graduate students and undergraduate seniors. This course examines precision issues for products, manufacturing machines, processes, and instruments. Modern manufacturing technologies are distinct in their multifarious nature in product sizes, materials, energy forms, theories, and information types; however, the key to their success relies on the management of precision. This course discusses issues critical to both existing precision manufacturing and future sub-micron/nano technology. Important topics include fundamental mechanical accuracies; manufacturing systems and processes; geometric dimensioning and tolerancing; process planning, tolerance charts, and statistical process control; principles of accuracy, repeatability, and resolution; error assessment and calibration; error budget; reversal principles; joint design and stiffness consideration; precision sensing and control; precision laser material processing.

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Engineering Online GRAD

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Summer I 10W 2024


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Classes Start:
May 15, 2024
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July 26, 2024
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Prerequisite: MAE 496 or MAE 415 or equivalent or instructor permission Enrollment for this course is through the Engineering Online Registration System. Go to